At Comp-Air Service Company we offer three options for used equipment. We are confident we have one that will fit your needs. If you do not see a solution that matches your requirements, contact us and we will model a solution for your company that meets your needs and your budget.



Comp-Air used equipment meets the needs of a cost effective purchase. This equipment of recent vintage can be supported today and into the reasonable future for all parts and service support.  It is economically priced and carries a limited warranty.  All equipment is tested and calibrated prior to the sale and can  be demonstrated at our facility at the customer’s request.


Comp-Air tests used equipment based on the hours of operation. We steam clean, do a full preventative maintenance service, (air filter, oil Filter, oil change, separator, etc.) check drive coupling (where applicable), rebuild intake and controls as needed, test, calibrate and paint the unit.  Refurbished units carry an enhanced warranty and are available for demonstration at our facility upon customer’s request.

Factory Reconditioned


Comp-Air Factory Reconditioning program is a complete frame-off restoration for both rotary and reciprocating compressors, and is the highest level of reconditioning available in the market. Our frame-off restorations include factory-level warranty support and the same level of quality seen in a new piece of equipment, but at a price that meets our customer’s budget.

Typical reconditioning includes the following:


New Components:

  • Piston rings

  • Main bearings

  • Rod inserts

  • Wrist pin bushings

  • Wrist pins

  • Oil pump repair kits

  • Valve discs

  • Valve springs

  • Intake filter

  • Oil filter

  • All gaskets, oil, seals and o-rings


  • Crank shaft

  • Cylinders

  • Valve seats - balancing



  • New Bearings

  • Rotors re-profiled and balanced

  • Sealing strips contoured

  • All gaskets, seals, shims, etc. replaced


  • New bearings

  • Rewound as needed

  • Resealed

  • Rotor balanced


  • Cleaned

  • Sealed

  • Pressure tested


  • Configured to factory original

  • Cleaned and tested

Maintenance Items:

  • Oil  replaced

  • Filters  replaced

  • Seals  replaced

  • Grommets replaced

Reconditioned warranty:  Often same as new and many levels available depending on your needs and the type of equipment.

All equipment available for demonstration at our facility upon customer’s request. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.